• Brand: Sildenafil Lazar
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Lazar
  • Country of Manufacture: Uruguay
Sildenafil Lazar Package

Sildenafil Lazar Package

Review and Description

Sildenafil Lazar is the product of Lazar pharmaceuticals, the company from Uruguay. It is claimed to be the analog of Viagra, thus claimed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) to get a quick and lasting erection for satisfactory sexual function.

Sildenafil is no doubt a very efficient treatment of ED. Before buying any generic version of sildenafil, we have to know more about the manufacturer, to make sure that it is being manufactured by the reputed company, and a company that follows the good manufacturing practices.

Lazar pharmaceutical is a company based in Uruguay, the country not known for any pharmaceuticals development or ability to provide quality medicines. It is a country which is reliant on imports to fulfill the local demand. While visiting the website of the manufacturer, Lazar pharmaceuticals, no conclusion could be drawn. There is a complete lack of information about the company or products being offered by it. The website claims that company is involved in some exotic research for gastrointestinal conditions.

Company’s website does not provide any information about its product range, manufacturing facilities, national and international accreditations. All this puts in doubt whether Lazar Pharmaceutical is a manufacturer at all, or it gets its products manufactured by some other company via contract manufacturing.

Lazar Main Office

Lazar Main Office

Sildenafil Lazar Reviews

There are no online reviews about this product nor could we find much information about the manufacturer. After thoroughly searching the internet for product and company information, we get an impression that this is clearly some small business, which may or may not be involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

It is surely not a manufacturer you can trust. It is a company with no information about manufacturing facilities and accreditation. There are many such companies, getting their products manufactured through the third party and claiming to be manufactured in house. Such products are often of poor quality, in fact often not what it is claimed to be.

In fact, no clear information could be found about the exact location of the company. The company’s address is missing on the website. On product packing, it is written that company is located in Uruguay, whereas the website claims its location somewhere in the USA.

It is clearly a kind of product which should be avoided. Moreover, there are so many good quality products available from reputed companies at an affordable price.

Pricing and Dosage

As the information about this product is very limited on the net, we could not find any information related to the price of the product. From the pack shot, we can understand that it is available as a 50 mg pill.

50 mg is the most common dose to start the treatment of erectile dysfunction, though a vast number of men needs to increase it to 100 mg.

How to Buy Sildenafil Lazar Online

This product is not available for sale by any reputed online pharmacy; this does not come to us as a surprise, considering that there is no information available about the manufacturer.

Any good online pharmacy would like to know more about the manufacturer and its origins before agreeing to sell their product. This is not the product to consider for the treatment of ED. It is good that no reputed online pharmacy is selling this product.

How to Use

All high-quality generic analogs of Viagra are used in the same way as the famous brand. As per research, it should be taken an hour before the sexual act. It is more helpful when taken on an empty stomach rather than with food. 50 mg is the recommended dose to start with, though most men need 100 mg to get the desired results. Some people are quite sensitive to this drug, and for them, 25 mg will suffice. It is not recommended to take more than one tablet within 24 hours.

Side Effects

Viagra and its generic analogs are known to be well tolerated; most side effects are transient and mild, some people do say about the loss of appetite, facial flushing, heaviness in head, congested nose.

Sildenafil is a mild vasodilator; it means that it can potentiate the action of antihypertensive drugs. It is also cautioned not to use the pill if a person had a heart attack in recent medical history.


If a man is suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction, sildenafil is almost always the treatment of choice. It has been proven to be effective in over 80% of cases. However, this may not be true for Sildenafil Lazar. It is is a product completely lacking information on the internet, nor any reliable information if available about the manufacturer.

Based on the complete lack of information about the product on the web, and scarce information about the manufacturer, I would give this product 1-star rating. Simply speaking, completely avoid buying this product, neither product nor the manufacturer could be trusted.

There is a real reason to doubt that Lazar pharmaceuticals have any manufacturing capabilities. Such small companies mostly order their products to other manufacturers, and often products from such a short-time player are of low quality.

Our recommendation is to look for some other brands; there are many other products containing sildenafil from reputed companies, also choose your supplier /online pharmacy wisely and after thorough research.

We do not recommend starting any medical therapy without the prior consultation with a specialist, every drug has some side effect, interactions, and may not be suitable for all.